Company History

In 1955, Goodgame Welding, Inc. was started by Hughel and Floyd Goodgame as a welding repair shop. In 1965, Adrick Goodgame purchased the business and took over management of the company. In 2005, on the 50th anniversary and with the growth of the auto industry in Alabama, there was a need to change the name to Goodgame Company, Inc. to more accurately show the diversity of the business.

Over the years, Adrick Goodgame continually saw the need for change and the importance of adjusting with the times and market conditions. This has been shown time after time, from starting as a welding repair shop and then transitioning into a support place for the local timber and farming operations. In the early 1980s, the company changed to meet the needs of the steel industry. At this time, Mr. Goodgame saw the need for innovation; he helped develop and create products to make steel production easier. As steel mills transitioned to “mini mills,” he began working in pre-engineered building sales and erection, as well as in general contracting.

In the 90s, the general contracting business continued to grow. Goodgame Company went from having 10 to 15 employees to having 30 employees quickly. Goodgame worked for most of the industries locally and in the surrounding counties. 

The growth of the auto industry in Alabama also fueled a growth of Goodgame Company’s construction business. In 2000, Honda located about 15 miles from Goodgame’s home office in Pell City, Alabama. By 2007, Goodgame had 100+ employees. The auto industry is currently a staple in Goodgame Company’s diversified business plan.

Post-recession, Goodgame Company has settled into working within a 90-mile radius of their home office, with about 90 employees. Key customers of the company are automotive OEM’s and suppliers, grocery stores, heavy industry and retail. Under Mr. Goodgame’s leadership and skills, Goodgame Company flourished into one of the leading construction companies in Alabama.

Goodgame Company, Inc. is a general contractor providing steel fabrication services, millwrights, general construction and construction management. The core belief of Goodgame Company, Inc. is: Relationships are not the only thing we build, but they are the most important. Ninety percent of our customers are repeat customers. Goodgame is located in Pell City, Alabama. PR contact is Jason Goodgame 205-338-2551 or

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